Do you have what it takes to be dota 2’s next top caster?

Have you always wanted to be a tier 1 caster in dota 2? Have you been waiting for your chance to strut your stuff to a twitch audience for some real reviews? Do you hate yourself and want to see thousands of strangers tell you horrible things about yourself and your dreams? Well then, the CASTERS CRUCIBLE may be for you.


In the Past, Major and TI Hubs used to be all about finding talent and casters that could be the future of Dota 2. Many of the casters that are at the Moonduck hub got their start from the hubs of TI4, 5 and 6.

The casting crucible is our attempt at giving back to the community and giving community members a chance to show their prowess at casting a Dota 2 game (whether as an analyst or Play by Play caster). MoonduckTV2 will be run by Malystryxs, editor and chief of Joindota, writer, community member, and Lord Cucksworth. He and his team will run the Casters Crucible Stream and invite community members that are in the Moonduck Discord to come and cast some of the Qualifier games throughout the week. These casters, who will cast on a first come first serve basis, will cast games you voted for on Moonduck2 and you, the viewing audience in TwitchChat, will be able to determine their fate.

Twitch Chat influencing the caster MMR

The viewers will have the ability to vote for or against the current caster in real time from twitch chat, and the caster's "MMR" will increase or decrease based on the community votes. MMR above average? Continue on in the Crucible. MMR below 1K? Be kicked from the stream and try again next year. Somehow win over thousands of strangers in your short game, reaching over 6k MMR? Then cast some more, even co cast with some of us on moonduck 2 and if you are the best of the best, even cast some of the grand finals of the qualifiers with us on Moonduck1. Its up to the people, its up to you, and its up to the Crucible.

The Casters Crucible isn’t something you sign up for if you are faint of heart. Its a opportunity to throw yourself out there to an audience that will not “take it easy on you” or hold back. You will receive real, brutal criticisms from viewers and those that apply will need to have real talent or a very hard shell. Apply only if you can take the heat from twitchat, and sometimes your Moonduck co caster. Stay above the crucible line and you’re safe. Go below the Crucible line and you will be removed IMMEDIATELY in real time.

While there are sure to be some heinously bad casts we here at Moonduck believe that there are some diamonds in the rough sprinkled throughout the cesspool that is reddit and twitch chat. With that said, any caster that is considered to be a “Rare gem” by the community will have a potential chance to join the Moonduck Crew live on air for some of the Moonduck Hub broadcast and participate in a few interviews.

The casters crucible is designed to give people exposure and the chance they have been waiting for, and if you feel like you are up to the challenge of the crucible then join the discord and sign up for your slots below. The slots are first come first serve and if you are late to your slot you will be replaced by first come first serve in the crucible waiting room.

The crucible is a experiment, and like any experiment it could be a success that finds bright new talent in the scene, or it could be a complete disaster. This mostly is decided by you, the viewer. If the crucible is not working out, we will simply stop production. But if you want to see some rising talent, and if you think you can be dota 2’s next top caster or analyst, then see if you have what it takes to compete in the Crucible.

Your destiny is waiting. Lets see what you got. Click below to join the Discord channel: