A New Approach to Battle:

Moonduck has always been about one thing and one thing only; Money. However, in order to make money people have told us that we need to branch out more and get the community involved in the game they love. With that all in mind, we have provided you, the viewer numerous ways to get involved in the Dota 2 Community and more specifically the Moonduck Hub. From voting for your favorite (or least favorite) caster in the “Casters Crucible” to community polls in Twitch Chat this Hub is for you, the fans. We wanted to go above and beyond this Hub Update so we could get not only get that money but of course that sweet sweet reddit karma that Slacks has become addicted to over the past few years. We introduce to you The Duckers Democratic Game Vote.

The Duckers Democratic Game Vote

Much like Sophies’ Choice the Communities Choice is of paramount importance to us here at MoonduckTV, and we expect horrific consequences. You get to vote on which games the hub covers at ALL TIMES. Head on over to (website) to see the full schedule of the games and cast your vote for which game you would like covered for each specific day and each specific heat. These games will be covered on Moonduck 1 and Moonduck 2 (aka the Casters Crucible) to ensure that we are covering the games that you want the most.

The reason for the Duckers Democratic Vote is simple: we just don't have the amount of talent and resources to cover every single game. But by putting the power in your hands and letting you choose what we cast, we hope that we can provide exactly what you want in our own way. When all's said and done, this hub is about you, the viewer, and we are there to make you happy.

So vote for the games you want, petition for them amongst yourselves, and hit those polls!


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