A Better Viewing Experience

Tired of watching the same old Dota 2 you’ve been watching for years? Moonduck and Layerth look to provide a viewing experience the likes of which has only been viewed by gods. You too can become an all powerful, omnipotent being with these new viewing features from Layerth.

The features you get to see

If the two degenerates show up that is, which isn’t entirely likely given bukka just lost in the first round of “So you think you can code” and Pimp will most likely get night zeroed for yet another TI by Valve and cry on reddit all day. Cry me a sweet german river you lanky bastard.

But let’s say they will be around for a moment: Layerth has added Recipe Icons because casters are too damn lazy to hover over the recipe itself. They’ve also added a courier delivery icon because we don’t know what the hotkey to select the damn thing is. And because we can’t count to 5 (minutes) they’ve also added an Aegis timer.

Below you can find the full list of features that will be utilized on the main stream for all the games:

Aegis Countdown Timer

  • Confused how the Aegis clock works? We have a solution for you and the Slacks' of this world
  • Overlays a 5-minute countdown over the aegis in the inventory
  • Glows red for the last 10 seconds in case you're not realizing it's timing out soon otherwise

"Bought by" Indicator

  • Didn't notice that the 6k gold item that drops on death dropped on death?
  • For your convenience, we now show who actually spent the money first before communism took the item away

Recipe Icons

  • This offlaner goes to lane with a recipe and you wonder what item it actually is?
  • Casters tend to be too busy talking about body wastes instead of mouse-overing the recipe, so we show the item corresponding at all times

BKB Duration Indicator

  • In another case of "high quality" casters not having to mouse over something
  • Shows BKB duration, and glows when it's a 10 second one because shiny graphics are cool

Glow for Bloodstone Instant Respawn

  • The award for the longest name and the most useless feature goes to..
  • Glows green when there's instant respawn available, but let's face it, this is never gonna happen. At least not in NA qualifiers

Courier Delivery Indicator

  • A useful feature for once, shows what items the jungling Legion Commander is ferrying over in the courier that aren't Blink
  • Even shows a cute dead courier icon when the poor animal got sniped so you can call PETA

Courier Kill Details

  • Since you're already calling PETA, we give you all the info you need:
  • Cargo Worth, Items and ownership and who killed it, so your complaints can quickly be processed

Advanced Drop-Down Stats

Since our "high quality" casters don't understand the game in the first place, we help them with that: From stats like damage dealt, to camps stacked, even Slacks will be able to analyze the game like the 5k that he pretends he is

Gold Stats - Summons

  • Since his frogginess is buffing Furion into danger territory, we could actually see him for a game or two
  • Turns out his treants give away metric tons of gold and since no one keeps track of that, we do that for you

Gold Stats - Illusions

  • It's 80 minutes into the game, there is a Naga, Naga has Manta-Octarine
  • Only 10,000 gold fed with illusions

I was working on the feature below when Slacks interrupted me and forced me to make this shitty announcement page