New Caster


The Mautism has arrived

Melee Carry Escape Disabler

After being absent from the last hub (more or less), Maut has returned reinvigorated with more of whatever the hell it is that he does and spreads to others. Prepare to take a journey you had never wanted to take before: an intimate and terrifying ride down to Maut Town.


Gareth has been moved from (join)Beta to a full scale release at the moonduck hub and is ready for casting. His powers of casting perfected by experts for generations of talent, he is ready to take on the Moonduck Hub for the first time, bring with him knowledge, skill, and ancient memes

Lt. Burnside

Long time co caster and friend of siractionslacks (oh god) and long time player of dota with only 2k mmr (OH GOD NO) burnside will be in front of the camera for the first time. Will he crash and burn or will he succeed? Who cares honestly he is helping make food and we aren't even paying him

Nahaz the (Insert some bullshit)

The Onus is on YOU to watch this hub and see how crazy the wise one gets when it comes to statistics, dota, and well pretty much everything really. There will be no stopping this man from talking because we don't want him to stop speaking with his velvety voice and his wise musings about some statistic from 8 patches ago no one cares about


The Upgraded Canadian


Our favorite Canadian is back with more talk of Nova Scotia and plenty of drafting knowledge to go along with his insatiable lust for Dota 2. He might seem like a nice young hoser but trust us he’s blazed out of his mind on maple syrup 24/7.



Purge returns to another moonduck hub that he’d rather not be at because he makes more money working with a washed up StarCraft 2 caster than he does actually casting Dota 2 events. WHO HE DIDNT MAKE COME CAUSE HES A PUSSY ASS BITCH WE DONT THINK HE EVEN ASKED

The Irish Connection


Shane returns with his hamburger reeking luggage to talk about the finer parts of dota like getting black out drunk and spamming blink dagger qop against 9k mmr players. He provides incite that no one else can, becasue most other people have a will to live. Welcome back baldy

the Creepy Man


SUNSFAN is back taking time from his busy schedule of not owning a team and being the head of the biggest low effort peice of shit dota 2 themed youtube channel in existence. We hope you are ready to return to the days of cat slapping fun and listening to his constant descriptions of his horrible digestive problems. We know our toilets arnt.

Mr. Pee the


The other Canadian on our roster, we’ve opened up the attic casting studio that MRP has been locked in all Winter, now he’s ready to come and play with the rest of the Duckers. In a non sexual manner. Or will it be? Stay tuned to see where those fingers go and if they travel to lands they were never meant to

The Pug

Mr. Roo

Dedicated camera dog and convicted sex offender/anus exhibitionist, mr roo will be returning to the hub to despense his own brand of justice on all who refuse to feed him bugels. Come hell or high water, Rexy Wrinkles Roo the 1st will snore loudly during the most important moments of the Hub

the Ge-LULogist


The solid 8.5 girl is back with more hype play by play casting. This time with more furry bullshit to go along with her. If your a fan of rocks then kill yourself but hey annie is here for you i guess cause for fuck sake no one else is



Do you sit at home and think; “How deep does this rabbit hole go”? Well now we can answer that question because we’ve got SirActionSlacks at his most mentally deranged. Slowly driven off the rails by a ridiculously stupid diet, Slacks has lost all that’s left of his sanity and we’re not sure that’s a bad thing. Come watch to find out.


Tricky Nikki

Returning to her administrative role, Niki (also known by her gamertag, sadjadajadingdong) returns to the hub to continue to ensure operations run smoothly. She runs a tight ship, treating the hub attendees with the same level of authority as her cats, of whom she is disturbingly obsessed with. To her, all of the hub casters are just large, stinky cats in fleshy form, and she watches over them like any deranged cat woman would.

Braximus Maximus

Brax returns to the hub as a ghost because he died. A disembodied specter who can only live through the Electric Voice Phenomenons, brax can only break through the nightosphere and be summoned if terrible enough dota is played. Do not be afraid of the disembodied voice of brax, for he haunts only the damned who have less than 7kmmr and people he doesn't like.

Pimpmunkl and bukka

The computer geeks return to gain enough funds to buy new pocket protectors and do whatever the hell they do on their computers. If something breaks its because of them im just here to cast not to use computer now how do I acess my AOL instant messanger account? Also is the moonduck site on geocities? Answer me you goddamed NERDS!


Caster Changes


  • Game Knowledge increased from 0 to 5.0
  • Furry interest decreased from 50% to 25%
  • Added Passive Ability Grill - Is female


  • Base Mautism Increased from 3.0 to 4.2 during night
  • Added Aghanim’s Scepter - Shaved NipsIncreases Mautism from 3.0 to 4.2 during daytime
  • Base storytelling increased by .002


  • Leggings Tightness increased from Disturbing to unbelievable
  • Added additional phrases from the 1930s to Zyori’s vocabulary
  • Nerfed ability “Host” - Now “Host once a year”


  • Name changed to Durka
  • Name changed to GBCasts
  • Name changed to Gareth
  • Name changed to fuccboi
  • Name changed to GarGar Binks
  • Name changed to Lurkadurka
  • Name changed to Abdul Ismail
  • Name changed to Outhouse Demolisher
  • Name changed to Gareth


  • Added MRP to Captain’s Mode
  • Shift duration channel increased from 3 hours to 16 hours
  • Gold Per Minute Decreased from .50 cents to 0
  • Added new ability - Dangerous Job Insecurity


  • Changed Nationality from Irish to Welsh
  • Hair growth decreased from 0.02 to 0.001
  • Changed main attribute from intelligence to Potato Farmer


  • Canadian Courtesy cast range increased from immediate vicinity to globalPreviously only increased when surrounded by other Canadians.
  • Syrup Fingers move speed decreased on Keyboard Mouse unaffected
  • Maut & Trent are now separate heroesMotPax Reworked
  • +1 Sexual frustration


  • Bowel Movements Increased
  • Bowel Movements Decreased
  • Removed Bowel movements
  • Exponentially increased Bowel movements
  • Cast range of volatile diarrhea increased
  • Removed from Caster’s Mode for pressing ceremonial reasonsDISGUSTING
  • Added new items Peptobismol and Cherry Coke


  • Cringe factor increased exponentiallyIncreased further when paired with random spectator unit
  • Move speed decreasedObese
  • Added new ability male-patterned baldness


  • Increased Ability “Coaching” By 50%
  • Every 9 days loses 1 intelligence
  • Fixed bug where Purge would sometimes laugh at a joke stolen by Rubick


  • Early game prediction ability increased. From 50% to 100%
  • New ability added “Stats Don’t Lie” - When making a prediction involving Team Liquid gain 200 Damage

Mr. Roo:

  • Added ability - Bugle Boy - Ass BugleWhat?
  • Pug Cam duration increased from 5 minutes to always and forever
  • Added Ability - Handsome boyPreviously was Fatfuckface
  • Snore Levels increased to distracting levels


  • Added to Captain’s ModeWho the fuck?


  • Ultimate Ability “Manage” Cooldown Reduction reduced from Once a Day to Fuck it Just do Whatever
  • Increased Unremovable Cat Hair from 90% to 99% of clothing
  • Sleep Schedule Reworked from China Schedule to WAKE UP NIKI THE STREAM IS DOWN


  • Value for “Valve Appropriation” changed, bukka now has a 10% chance to steal Valve features instead
  • bukka now uses spaces instead of tabs


  • Tomb of Knowledge no longer purchasble on Pimp, as Pimp believes he knows everything
  • Added High Fiber Count German Scarf to the store for purchase
  • Name changed from Pimpmunkle to Hookerman
  • HookerMan has been removed from Valve events for pressing ceremonial reasons


  • Removed from Hub Mode
  • Added Ability: Remote Caster - Now has 50% less chance to starve to death during casts, 50% chance to not show up to casts
  • Due to physical removal from Hub, intelligence gain per level increased dramatically and exponentially